Secular Dems’ Sarah Levin at DNC Meeting: “Democrats—not the GOP—are the party of religious freedom”

Last week, Secular Democrats of America Program Director and co-chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Interfaith Council, Sarah Levin delivered the closing invocation at the DNC’s meeting in St. Louis, Missouri. In the audience were hundreds of DNC members representing all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and the territories.

Sarah was introduced by DNC Chairman Jaime Harrison, who commended her for her work with Secular Democrats of America and with the DNC to welcome religiously unaffiliated voters into the party.

Sarah took the opportunity to talk about how people of faith and nonreligious people share values, and why that’s much more important than sharing the same beliefs. She also highlighted an important message that Secular Dems are working to get out to as many Democrats as possible, particularly as we gear up for the 2024 elections: the Democratic Party, not the GOP, is the party of religious freedom. And it’s time we start reclaiming religious freedom and its true meaning in a pluralistic democracy.

You can watch the full video here.