Secular Democrats of America Makes History at the DNC Convention

On Tuesday, August 18, hundreds of secular Democrats, including delegates and DNC members tuned in for “Make America Constitutional Again: Religious Freedom on the Ballot,” an event hosted by the Secular Democrats of America as a partner organization of the DNC. The event featured Members of Congress, state lawmakers, and leading scholars and activists.

Co-Chairs of the Congressional Freethought Caucus, Rep. Raskin and Rep. Huffman, joined a panel of Rep. Athena Salman of Arizona and Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith of Florida to discuss how they’re fighting for the constitutional separation of church and state and the right of the nonreligious in Congress and in their respective state legislatures.

Ann Druyan—writer, producer, and director of “Cosmos: Possible Worlds” joined us for a conversation led by Greg Epstein, humanist chaplain at MIT and Harvard, to discuss what it means to have faith in humanity, and how the nonreligious find meaning in the world through science and appreciation of the natural world.

Last but certainly not least, the program concluded with a panel of experts and activists discussing the intersection of Christian nationalism and white supremacy, and how we can dismantle both. You can watch the full program here and see the full lineup of speakers below.